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My response to this post is a wry smile. On 5 October, I and others had lost our comments to Keith Hamon’s old blog, and now on 6 October, those of us who had posted comments on the new blog have lost them in a game of Google swings and roundabouts. I am very sympathetic to Keith in his wrangling with managing his blog presence. In 2011, I lost all of my posts (and valued comments from others) from 2006-2011 because of the duplicity of my ISP and my failure to back up.
Funnily enough when I read Keith’s Mea Culpa, I was already experimenting with Known as a way of managing my comments with less risk of losing them. So when Keith asks if we will trust him with our comments, my answer is not personal to Keith. I am having a go at constructing my own lash up of a POSSE architecture.
I am curious to see if this comment appears as a pingback on Keith’s new blog. I, and others, seem to have a lot of trouble commenting on blogger blogs. One of my intentions is to stay logged out of Google unless I really need to be there and I am thinking that might make things worse in one way but better in many other ways. So Keith, I will keep trying to comment on your blog via pingback, if that works.